Amin Avid Brokerage

Amin Avid Brokerage Firm (privately held company) has started it’s activities as the executive arm of Amin Investment Bank (privately held company) in November 2008 by obtaining the licence from the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran. (the registration number is 336267)
Now this company operates as “A” broker rating in capital market of Iran with the experienced and committed staff.
As one of the leading brokers that provides services in field of capital market Amin avid brokerage’s registered capital is 150 Bilion Rials.
This company has the facilities of securities trading at stock exchange, securities transactions in OTC, online transactions, call center, futures contracts trading at the stock exchange, consultations on offer and acceptance of new companies, portfolio management, investment funds, trading in Energy Exchange, trading metal products in Merchantile Exchange.
Since that among the most important factors in choosing a broker for investors are confidence in quick access to market, funds security, dealing privacy, Amin Avid Brokerage Firm (privately held company) with the knowledge of these matters has implemented comprehensive measures and actions.
And also this company with experiences of it’s managers in risk management for several years has provided appropriate legal guarantees according to the conditions with suitable structure.
Relying to knowledge and experience and expertise and also due to the need to respond to the needs of customers, Amin Avid Brokerage Firm continuously makes positive changes.
Amin Avid Brokerage Firm is determined to provide necessary facilities to improve the quality and quantity of services in order to increase the efficiency of investment activities of entities through a diversified financial services.

Units of Company

Our Services

Stock Exchange


Portfolio Management

Mercantile Exchange

Energy Exchange

Stock Exchange

This unit is one of the main unit of Amin Avid company and provides range of services including:
Trading all kinds of securities, marketing for new customers, management of margin tradings, record keeping and etc.


The reception unit of our company has various duties such as:
• Records keeping
• Preparing bills for customers
• Registration of new customers including individuals and legal entities
• Call center management
• Receipt sell and buy of securities orders for customers


The trading unit specialized in marketing and trading of various bond category in Iran. List of major clients which used Amin Avid trading services are listed as follows:

• 13.3% of Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Co. worth 25,000 Billion Rial in 2013
• 95% of Eastern Alborz Coil Mines Company worth 585 billion Rial in 2013
• 2% of Mines and Metals Development Investment Co. worth more than 740 billion Rial in 2013


The finance unit section is licensed from Tehran Stock Exchange securities and provides following services for the private and public companies as well as legal entities:

• Conducting marketing and consultation to companies on ventures to become publicly traded in TSE (IPO)
• Conducting marketing and consultation to companies on issuing debt securities
• Providing consultation and services on companies aiming to raise capital through equities
• Providing briefing reports on company’s capital increase and financing
• Preparing business plans
• Arranging reports on the activities of client’s board of directors in order to present in general assembly
• Providing consultation and services on client’s new issue of securities in the primary market
• Offering companies different alternatives of raising capital in order to minimize financing costs
• Advising clients on the most efficient choice of raising capital in order to maintain and increase shareholder capital


The debt and equity Financing unit provides range of services for Amin Avid customers:

• Marketing and consulting services to companies about IPO and acceptance procedures in Tehran stock exchange market and OTC market
• Consulting services to companies about debt financing
• Consulting services about equity financing and capital raising
• Business plan writing services
• Board of director annualy report writing services
• Equity securities offering


Amin Avid has a group of highly skilled professionals for preparation of various analytical reports. Technical and fundamental reports are prepared by Amin Avid professionals to optimize portfolio. In addition, range of bilingual capital market reports prepared for internal and external stakeholders on a frequent basis. Some of the major services of Analytical group are summarized in the following:

1. Providing domestic and international news and information related to different capital markets through the company’s website and social media profiles
2. Broadcasting fundamental analysis and technical reports to clients and other users
3. Conveying the latest reports and news on capital markets, commodity exchanges, and currency markets.
4. Analyzing the financial statements and critical news of publicly traded companies in order to keep investors updated
5. Offering the latest price of gold, oil, metals and other commodities that relates or affects the capital market
6. Keeping in touch with the trading and investment teams to provide insights on upcoming economic and financial forecasts to help keeping Amin Avid Brokerage investments returns on high levels.

Online Trading

Online trading platform is well established in Amin Avid Brokerage. This facilities enables clients to be able to access and trade online on a secure platform. Some of the main benefits of Amin Avid online trading is listed as followers:

• Direct investing
• Faster trading
• Flawless account control
• Structured timing system which avoids disputes between investors and the firm
• Direct supervision of client in time and trading price and the ability to modify instantaneously
• Ability to transfer funds from and to the trading account online
• Reduced risk of placing incorrect trades following system-automated


Mutual funds is the money collected and accumulated from investors which is invested under one whole portfolio by the management team in different securities such as equity or debt securities.
Mutual fund is a company that gathers and accumulates the money of different investors in order to gain capital power to invest and benefit on a larger scale. These mutual funds are invested in different accounts such as debt with fixed income securities (long-term or short-term) and equity securities on behalf of the investors in order to gain the maximum amount of profit. In other words, each share of the mutual fund represents a diversified portfolio which includes many different kinds of assets. By investing in mutual funds, the investor is giving full control of the fund to the investment fund’s management; the more the mutual fund portfolio profits, the higher the investor’s return.
Since not every investor has the time, knowledge, or the money to invest directly; many choose mutual funds which is a simple investment vehicle. Investment funds gather all the small capitals and give the right authority to their analysts and management to invest with a greater power. The mutual fund concept has been trending for over a 100 years and its main motivation is that “unity creates power.”
You can profit from two ways:
• Rising unit price
When the portfolio value rises, naturally the funds’ net asset value rises. Natutaly the fund’s net asset value rises. The net asset value per share is called NAV.
The net asset value or NAV is the value of a vehicle’s asset minus the value of it’s liabilities.
• Dividends
Some mutual funds may divide a portion of the profits among their shareholders from equity income profits or interests on fixed-income securities according to their policies.

Mechanism of mutual funds
Mutual fund structure consists of two pillars; management and supervision. Fund management has the duty of managing investment decisions and auditors have the duty of supervising the integrity of the fund.
Establishment and operation of mutual funds is SEO licensed and supervised by Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) in order to protect the investor’s rights.
The main pillars of fund are elected by fund convention in order to do operations.

Fund management consists of a team of experts with years of experience in investment whom after approval of SEO will have the responsibility of managing and making the right investment decisions for the fund. The management group usually receive 2% of the fund as its commission.
Fund management has the duty of setting company policies and investment guidelines, as well as making decisions regarding buying, selling, or holding the funds position in a trade. These decisions are made with the help of analysts and consultants.
In order to protect the investors’ right the trustee and an independent auditor are responsible to constantly oversee and monitor the management’s performance.
Prior to investing in a mutual fund it is advised that investors do their due diligence in terms of conducting research on the investment fund’s performance, portfolio, strategy, catalysts, management team, as well as the mentioned fund pillars. Most of this information is available on prospectus, statute, and web site of mutual funds. Finally after determining an appropriate strategy fits to your goals you can start investing. Trade of mutual funds are done through brokerage firms or investment fund’s representatives.

Main advantages of mutual funds
Professional management: investment companies are a team made of experienced analysts and investment managers that continuously try to find appropriate equities, and buy or sell on time in order to achieve the best results for their investors.
Diversification: Investors with small capital can take advantage of being a part of a bigger portfolio with a diversified set of investments.
Cost reduction: due to economies of scale and block transactions, investment funds have significant savings where investors can take advantage of.
Administration work: Investment companies keep the history of operations, distribution of capital gains, dividend, investing, redemptions and release reports where the investor does not have to keep record of.
Why mutual fund is a reliable choice?

Portfolio Management

The most important feature of an exclusive portfolio is customizing the trades according to the investor’s goals and risk acceptance. The portfolio will be a basket of different securities such equities, debts, and commodities chosen based on investor’s needs.

Mutual Funds Private Portfolio
Fully owned and managed by fund managers where investors cannot impose opinions Optimized portfolio according to the specific needs of each investor Portfolio strategy
Is bounded by certain limitations and quorum in asset combination which creates a less flexible portfolio compared to the Exclusive Portfolio Management Elasticity of investment according to investor’s modified demand and change in market conditions flexibility
Only the combination of assets and industries are disclosed with no access to details Each investor can consistently be informed of the combination and performance of the portfolio and the trades to date Transparency and access to portfolio
Usually between 13-30 Equities Varies for each investor based on their personal investment goals The number of shares and securities
Usually yearly rate of 2% of managed assets Both fixed and variable costs
Fixed fee of usually 1% of the assets under managementperformance commission: negotiable
Fees and administrative costs
SEO Certified and trust worthy auditors to monitor the performance SEO Certified and trust worthy auditors to monitor the performance Regulatory elements
10 shares of the date’s mutual fund value Mutual funds traders and managers provide a minimum amount for opening Required capital
What can we do for you in Private Portfolio Management?


What can we do for you in Private Portfolio Management?
• The right information is gathered for planning and determining a strategy

• Time horizon of risk tolerance
In order to plan and determine a unique investment strategy firstly investors’ personal constraints and goals are assessed based on their objective time horizon and risk tolerance. To do so, Private Portfolio manager meets with the investor and helps
• Portfolio management contract and strategic asset allocation

After evaluating your information and balancing the market’s risk and return an optimal combination of assets will be determined for the portfolio.
Private portfolio management triggers after investor’s agreement to the proposed asset allocation and contract.

• Forming an exclusive basket and achieving goals

This step includes the final decision and selection of shares which requires trading with the efficiently, fast, and accurately.
Buying and selling shares will be done via a unique and separate trading code and if the investor’s initial asset includes shares of any kind the personal trading code allocated to these shares will be changed to a portfolio trading code.
Usual brokerage services such as trading, recording and filing transactions, or accruing dividends are all done with the portfolio trading codes.

• Performance monitoring and portfolio revaluation

Pursuit of predetermined objectives, minimizing the deviation, and finally revaluating portfolio objectives will be done at this stage of portfolio management.
Amin Avidʼs portfolio management group is supported with up-to-date analysis which guides the portfolio towards its investor’s personal goals. In case of fundamental changes in any industry or stock the management group will react accordingly and reevaluate the investment choices in order remain within the client’s objective borders.

• Performance report

Client has full access to his or her portfolio performance reports, details of portfolio current assets, transactions, and other information. These overviews could be done online or offline at the brokerage office at the client’s convenience.
Amin Avidʼs portfolio management group does its best to be transparent by providing timely, qualitative, reliable reports to its investors.

• Access through portal to portfolio details with a unique username and password
• Monthly and periodic reports of portfolio
• Special report according to customer requests in the shortest possible time

Mercantile Exchange

Amin Avid Brokerage Firm is an active agent in the mercantile market. The brokerage is currently permitted to trade Industrial and Mineral, Agricultural and other related goods debt securities. The company provides consultation services in introducing new products to the mercantile market.

The principals that Amin Avid Brokerage stands for include commitment to transactions, assurance of best educated consultation, and promise of speed and accuracy in execution of trades and services.

The most important services that Amin Avid Brokerage offers in the mercantile market are as following:
• Purchase and sales of all kinds of metal and agricultural products traded on the Merchantile Exchange
• Offer and acceptance of metal and agricultural products in Merchantile Exchange
• Provide expert advice in buying and selling metal and agriculture products in commodity exchange
• Notice about prices, daily volume and other necessary informations

Energy Exchange

Iran is one of the largest oil and gas producer country, and is well known as one of the biggest holder of hydrocarbon reserves and resources.
On the other hand, according to the proposed approach in 1404 visions on the promotion of Islamic republic of iran to the region in terms of political, economy, scientific and…the necessity of establishing the market for discovering price and trade of oil as a strategic commodity in region is feeled more than before and that was a precursor to oil pricing plan inside the country.

Company Shareholders


Amin Investment Bank (privately held company)

Keshavarzan,Rostaiian And Ashayer Social Insurance Fund

Amin Avid Brokerage Team

Abbas Babagolzadeh Keshtali
Chairman of the Board

Work experience:
• Manager of Treasury of Bank Mellat Iran
• CEO of Arzesh Afarinan Atlas Company
• Chairman of the Board of Irvak company

Yavar Mir Abbasi
Vice Chairman

Work experience:
• Supervisor of Deputy Economy of Keshavarzan, Roosraian and Ashayer Social Insurance Fund
• Investment and Projects Manager of Arzesh Afarinan Saba Company
• Executive Vice President of Assel Stock Brokerage Firm

Saeid Veysizadeh
Member of the Board and CEO

Work experience:
• Member of the Board of Jabal Damavand Company
• Member of the Board of Arman Khodro Company
• Member of the Board of Hamerz Company

Hosein Safaei
Financial Manager
Esmaeil Binaei
Member of the Board
Iman Moghadasian
Trading Manager
Ahmad Ahmadi
Online Trading Manager


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