Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange

This unit is one of the main unit of Amin Avid company and provides range of services including:
Trading all kinds of securities, marketing for new customers, management of margin tradings, record keeping and etc.


The reception unit of our company has various duties such as:
• Records keeping
• Preparing bills for customers
• Registration of new customers including individuals and legal entities
• Call center management
• Receipt sell and buy of securities orders for customers


The trading unit specialized in marketing and trading of various bond category in Iran. List of major clients which used Amin Avid trading services are listed as follows:

• 13.3% of Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Co. worth 25,000 Billion Rial in 2013
• 95% of Eastern Alborz Coil Mines Company worth 585 billion Rial in 2013
• 2% of Mines and Metals Development Investment Co. worth more than 740 billion Rial in 2013


The finance unit section is licensed from Tehran Stock Exchange securities and provides following services for the private and public companies as well as legal entities:

• Conducting marketing and consultation to companies on ventures to become publicly traded in TSE (IPO)
• Conducting marketing and consultation to companies on issuing debt securities
• Providing consultation and services on companies aiming to raise capital through equities
• Providing briefing reports on company’s capital increase and financing
• Preparing business plans
• Arranging reports on the activities of client’s board of directors in order to present in general assembly
• Providing consultation and services on client’s new issue of securities in the primary market
• Offering companies different alternatives of raising capital in order to minimize financing costs
• Advising clients on the most efficient choice of raising capital in order to maintain and increase shareholder capital


The debt and equity Financing unit provides range of services for Amin Avid customers:

• Marketing and consulting services to companies about IPO and acceptance procedures in Tehran stock exchange market and OTC market
• Consulting services to companies about debt financing
• Consulting services about equity financing and capital raising
• Business plan writing services
• Board of director annualy report writing services
• Equity securities offering


Amin Avid has a group of highly skilled professionals for preparation of various analytical reports. Technical and fundamental reports are prepared by Amin Avid professionals to optimize portfolio. In addition, range of bilingual capital market reports prepared for internal and external stakeholders on a frequent basis. Some of the major services of Analytical group are summarized in the following:

1. Providing domestic and international news and information related to different capital markets through the company’s website and social media profiles
2. Broadcasting fundamental analysis and technical reports to clients and other users
3. Conveying the latest reports and news on capital markets, commodity exchanges, and currency markets.
4. Analyzing the financial statements and critical news of publicly traded companies in order to keep investors updated
5. Offering the latest price of gold, oil, metals and other commodities that relates or affects the capital market
6. Keeping in touch with the trading and investment teams to provide insights on upcoming economic and financial forecasts to help keeping Amin Avid Brokerage investments returns on high levels.

Online Trading

Online trading platform is well established in Amin Avid Brokerage. This facilities enables clients to be able to access and trade online on a secure platform. Some of the main benefits of Amin Avid online trading is listed as followers:

• Direct investing
• Faster trading
• Flawless account control
• Structured timing system which avoids disputes between investors and the firm
• Direct supervision of client in time and trading price and the ability to modify instantaneously
• Ability to transfer funds from and to the trading account online
• Reduced risk of placing incorrect trades following system-automated