Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

The most important feature of an exclusive portfolio is customizing the trades according to the investor’s goals and risk acceptance. The portfolio will be a basket of different securities such equities, debts, and commodities chosen based on investor’s needs.

Mutual Funds Private Portfolio
Fully owned and managed by fund managers where investors cannot impose opinions Optimized portfolio according to the specific needs of each investor Portfolio strategy
Is bounded by certain limitations and quorum in asset combination which creates a less flexible portfolio compared to the Exclusive Portfolio Management Elasticity of investment according to investor’s modified demand and change in market conditions flexibility
Only the combination of assets and industries are disclosed with no access to details Each investor can consistently be informed of the combination and performance of the portfolio and the trades to date Transparency and access to portfolio
Usually between 13-30 Equities Varies for each investor based on their personal investment goals The number of shares and securities
Usually yearly rate of 2% of managed assets Both fixed and variable costs
Fixed fee of usually 1% of the assets under managementperformance commission: negotiable
Fees and administrative costs
SEO Certified and trust worthy auditors to monitor the performance SEO Certified and trust worthy auditors to monitor the performance Regulatory elements
10 shares of the date’s mutual fund value Mutual funds traders and managers provide a minimum amount for opening Required capital
What can we do for you in Private Portfolio Management?


What can we do for you in Private Portfolio Management?
• The right information is gathered for planning and determining a strategy

• Time horizon of risk tolerance
In order to plan and determine a unique investment strategy firstly investors’ personal constraints and goals are assessed based on their objective time horizon and risk tolerance. To do so, Private Portfolio manager meets with the investor and helps
• Portfolio management contract and strategic asset allocation

After evaluating your information and balancing the market’s risk and return an optimal combination of assets will be determined for the portfolio.
Private portfolio management triggers after investor’s agreement to the proposed asset allocation and contract.

• Forming an exclusive basket and achieving goals

This step includes the final decision and selection of shares which requires trading with the efficiently, fast, and accurately.
Buying and selling shares will be done via a unique and separate trading code and if the investor’s initial asset includes shares of any kind the personal trading code allocated to these shares will be changed to a portfolio trading code.
Usual brokerage services such as trading, recording and filing transactions, or accruing dividends are all done with the portfolio trading codes.

• Performance monitoring and portfolio revaluation

Pursuit of predetermined objectives, minimizing the deviation, and finally revaluating portfolio objectives will be done at this stage of portfolio management.
Amin Avidʼs portfolio management group is supported with up-to-date analysis which guides the portfolio towards its investor’s personal goals. In case of fundamental changes in any industry or stock the management group will react accordingly and reevaluate the investment choices in order remain within the client’s objective borders.

• Performance report

Client has full access to his or her portfolio performance reports, details of portfolio current assets, transactions, and other information. These overviews could be done online or offline at the brokerage office at the client’s convenience.
Amin Avidʼs portfolio management group does its best to be transparent by providing timely, qualitative, reliable reports to its investors.

• Access through portal to portfolio details with a unique username and password
• Monthly and periodic reports of portfolio
• Special report according to customer requests in the shortest possible time